Mixerology KitchenAid Mixer Date Decoder

Use the form below to find out when your KitchenAid mixer was manufactured. You’ll find the serial number on the label underneath the base of the mixer. (When you turn it over to look, use a towel or other soft pad to protect the finish.)

Your serial number label may look like any of these; look for the “Serial” callout and a 9-figure serial number beginning with “W”:

If your serial number label looks like the photo below, it’s from a pre-Whirlpool mixer manufactured by Hobart. The last two digits of the serial number are the year of manufacture. (In this example, 1983.)

This form doesn’t work for Hobart serial numbers.

Note: This form only decodes serial numbers. It does not store the serial numbers, nor does it send them anywhere. Please refer to the privacy policy on the About page, and feel free to write in if you have any questions.