K45/K5 Clean and Re-grease Parts

K45/K5 Clean and Re-grease Parts

This applies to all tilt-head machines (original K45, “Classic”, “Artisan”, “Ultra Power”) except the Accolade and Artisan Mini, as well as the older bowl-lift machines in the K5 series: K5A, K4SS, K5SS, KSM5, KSM50, KSMC50S, KSM450, KSM500 (and similar). Any full-sized mixer with a round rear cover secured with a small screw at the top center is applicable (note that this does not include the vintage 4C/3C/3B models).

If you are going to DIY this job, you will need the following items:

  • Gear housing gasket: part #WP4162324
  • Center shaft O-ring: part #WP67500-55 (see note below)
  • Grease (“food safe”, NSF H-1 rated, NLGI #2 viscosity, see below)

If you are repairing a failed worm follower gear, or if the mixer is an older machine and you are overhauling it for the first time:

  • Worm follower gear, part #WPW10112253 (see important note below)

 The O-ring is a standard item which you can probably find in most hardware stores: 1/2in OD, 3/8in ID, 1/16in CS.

For grease I like the Super Lube 41160 (one 14oz can is enough for more than two mixers); you can buy it on Amazon. Valid alternatives are Mobil FM222, Phillips P66 Food Machinery Grease, and CRC SL35600.

Important note about the gear: do not buy the cheap aftermarket gears that you can get on Amazon. They are not built to factory specifications and will fail, sometimes immediately. Always use the genuine part.

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Updated: 3/8/2024