“Pro” Series Clean and Re-grease parts

“Pro” Series Clean and Re-grease parts

This applies to all “Professional” and UK “Pro Line” bowl-lift mixers (“Professional 5 HD”, “Professional 5 Plus”, “Professional 6”, and “Professional 600” in the US, “Pro Line” and “Artisan” in the UK) and the Accolade 400. The series model numbers for these machines begin with KG25, KV25, KD26, KP26, KL26, and KN15. (This list is inclusive but not comprehensive. KitchenAid has a lot of different model numbers for what is essentially the same mixer inside.)

If you are going to DIY this job, you will need the following items:

  • Gear housing gasket: part #WP9709511 (see important note below)
  • Motor shaft seal: part #WP9706247
  • Grease (“food safe”, NSF H-1 rated, NLGI #2 viscosity, see below)

If you are repairing a failed worm follower gear, or if the mixer is an older machine and you are overhauling it for the first time:

  • Worm follower gear, part #W11086780

For grease I like the Super Lube 41160 (one 14oz can is enough for more than three mixers); you can buy it on Amazon. Valid alternatives are Mobil FM222, Phillips P66 Food Machinery Grease, and CRC SL35600.

Important note about the gear housing: before beginning the job, unplug the mixer and remove the top cover; inspect the transmission housing at the front of the mixer. If it is plastic, you need to replace it with the upgraded metal housing. The metal housing kit (which includes a gasket) is part #8212396.

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Updated: 3/8/2024